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    MVP Sportswear has long been committed to the concept that the MADE IN USA tag we put on our products signifies the highest quality possible “USA quality”  

In addition our turnover time is much quicker than imported product.  Moreover when reorders are required we will deliver, every time. 

We offer a multitude of styles all in a huge array of color combinations with no upcharge.  The day of having to settle for the few color combinations being offered ends at MVP.  And when a problem arises we are here dedicated to solving problems and creating happy customers. 

We are also delighted to work with our customers to create unique custom products that makes them stand out as special as we believe we are as well.

We deliver all this for prices that are extremely competitive with similar imports but with all the benefits of an MVP label that shouts proudly “MADE IN THE USA”

We remain dedicated to manufacture apparel by happy employees for satisfied customers.

We are not just creating jobs but we are creating American jobs.


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